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Dj TonytheMisfit
A MusicMan
Who Loved the Tunes & Life
to the Fullest Extent
with Honor & Respect.
You will be Forever Remembered...
Sadly Missed & Loved by
All who Knew You!!
"The Freakshow"
Once You Enter
You Can NEVER Leave...




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Jack is my Hero!!! BC 04 Jun 2014

hey everybody just wanted to say hi. its been a very long time since ive been on but im right back on the glow. in case u forgot who I was im john n was ticketed twice by the cops in my hometown for blasting my music too loud. I told them "Hey! but its the glow man!" it didn't work but I tried. anyways I missed you all bye for now n will be back soon 20 May 2014

Another nice night with KJAK! 02 Apr 2014

Listened to you guy's and your a great station. Love the songs. DJ James Bond? your funny and like your personality...haha  01 Feb 2014

Love the station! Love hearing Money Mekhi's songs on the radio! Keep up the great work!  24 Jan 2014

Hi there people , nice to know one of you ;-) DJ James Bond . Love the radio but need more explenation to know how to listen to one of you . lol i'm a bit a noob to this , but i'll guet there !! I'll comme back that is for sure . Lucasdeval ...17 Jan 2014

The Reverend cracked me up New Yrs Eve. Thanks for sharing The BootHill Saloon NYE with those of us now up north. WE MISS YOU JOHN! 01 Jan 2014

NICKOLOFF ROCKED ON THE GLOW NYE! Thanks Witch Rev & Babe! 01 Jan 2014

What a rockin party ....great food...great music...great djs...hope cat does another one soon...great hostess..thanks glow musicians...24 Dec 2013

Thee Witch, it was great to hear Chance Gardner,Jw, Regi & The whole blues gang from last year on The Glow Again! 24 Dec 2013

Thee witch is great.....she rocks.....glad to call her my friend.... 19 Dec2013

You guys are still around. I listened a few years ago and lost the link I am back and it sounds great. You guys are tremendous. 15 Dec 2013

JC VIOLENCE IS ROCKIN THE GLOW! Keep it coming,great music on the best radio station on the internet! Jan from Ft Lauderdale Fl. 06 Dec 2013

Just received invitation to Grinch party. Can't wait to see the Reverend and Thee Witch. Met you in Daytona and excited to come to Cats party. bringing my guitar. Wouldn't miss one of the classiest ladys party in daytona. Steve 04 Dec 2013

I partied all night long. Dj James is so sexy and fun. Loved your tunes. 27 Nov 2013

The DJ Joe D Show is a great couple of hours to get my Sunday started--I tune in every Sunday from 10AM Eastern! 20 Nov 2013

First time listening from Paris. Love the music and especially dig R and B. DJ Bond you really know how to swoon someone. 20 Nov 2013

Love this station and the great djs 15 Nov 2013


We love DJ Moonglo!! The variety,the humor,the music. 13 Nov 2013

I'm a friend of Cat's and I am lookin forward to her party....The Grinchmas with ThEE WiTcH Beach Babe and The Reverend...I think she is goin to have her best party yet...Rockin with musicians...Pat 12 Nov 2013

Great music. I have been listening for a few months. People spinning are way cool. Like the R and B shows. That Barry White dude is very cool. 12 Nov 2013

I can't wait til Cat's grinch party on the glow...she is working so hard on this one. She is goin to rock. She has always thrown good ones but this one is going to outdo all. Christina..her friend 12 Nov 2013

QuickSilver, Good show man. Good mix of music! :) 11 Nov 2013

Thank you for the best Birthday last night rockin' the The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon with the wonderful people from The Glow Radio, and bigggg thank's for my new friend Deb aka ThEE WiTcH! Was great to spend my Birthday AT HOME:) ~ Patricia 09 Nov 2013

Nickoloff kicked ass from the boothill saloon on Friday night! We can't wait to have them party on the glow again! That witch is crazzzy! lol 09 Nov 2013

Good station, Good Dj`s but why some people just leave chat and don't say goodbye... 08 Nov 2013

DJ James you are sexy! Love your voice. April 07 Nov 2013

The Chuck has us rockin' in Cleveland! Thanks Glowradio for some great music and better times! 07 Nov 2013

Dj Moonglo has the best shows ever. I love the rock and roll she plays and she is always nice in the glow's chatroom. Thanks Moonie for all the fun! 04 Nov 2013

Thee Witch got it going on. 03 Nov 2013

The Glow radio is an awesome station! Always good music, so many nice people in the chat room! such a refreshing change from the rest! 03 Nov 2013

TonyTheMisfit you will be truly missed!! We love you very much!! Lots of Love- Cali 28 Oct 2013

This is Cat and I look forward to having Thee Witch and The Reverend live at my Rockin' Grinchmas Extravaganza with my friend Mike Caso formerly of Bill Haleys Comets playing live...Love these djs. They Rock... 24 Oct 2013


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