1. Our illustrations of the HOUSE ON THE ROCK and the TIME MACHINE  are by Kathy LaChance Szarko, an award-winning artist from Warwick, Rhode Island.  Her art is loved by children, sought after by teenagers, and young adults, with such comments as ‘These paintings kick SO MUCH BUTT!!!!’ A more serious comment comes from Alfred DiCredico, judge of the 1994 Rhode Island Open Art Competition. He awarded ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ BEST OF SHOW and said of her work: ‘She allows things to happen that are implausible to have happen, interesting to see happen. Bizarre! It’s what real painting is all about. It doesn’t draw on any known or accepted image, but is derived from the artist’s own world, psyche, and emotion. It embraces the absurdity of making images.’   Here is a link to her page, where you can see many of her works, some of which are for sale as prints, cell phone covers, etc..



2.  The BLUE GLOWING WATER SERIES have been used with permission.

From the HOT SPOT MEDIA  website:

“FLUORESCENT PLANKTON LIGHT UP AUSTRALIAN SEA. An Australian beach is illuminated by an enticing neon blue glow as a rare phenomenon lights up the water. The supernatural scene on the east coast of Australia was caused by millions of plankton emitting light. The plankton, pictured in Jervis Bay, New South Wales, were photographed by Andy Hutchinson. Andy, of Berry, Australia, says: “These bio-luminescent plankton are tiny creatures called dinoflagellates, which emit light in order to evade predators.””


3. The UFO photo was purchased from the website: alamy.com


4. The SaxMan illustration was done by James’ friend Theo. He also did the original and iconic lettering for the Glow Radio in neon green and neon blue.


5.  DJ James Bound and DJ Tracy Randall designed this website. James was in charge of the architectural design as well as some illustrations. Tracy did most of the detailed graphic design. She learned WordPress and did most of the programming. A programmer from Bangladesh named Oli that she met on the Fiverr website also helped with some of the more difficult programming aspects of the site. The Glow Radio is very grateful for his contributions.